Americans Shifting to Cannabis to Ease Stress During Pandemic

Americans Shifting to Cannabis to Ease Stress During Pandemic

A 2021 survey conducted on more than 125,000 volunteers suggests a positive relationship between the COVID-19 crisis and demand for CBD products and cannabis. Reportedly, more than 50% of the volunteers said that they switched to the plant to feel happy again. Studies are also suggesting that the increased stress levels in the pandemic have made people turn to cannabis. 

Statistics stated that 55% of patients use cannabis to feel happy. This sudden need to feel "happy" through cannabis and CBD has increased to 45%, compared to the past years. 

In addition to battling COVID-19 related stress, cannabis demand has also increased due to the country's current social upheavals like black lives matter protest, anti-Asian hate rallies and riots. 

This national survey was conducted by Veriheal, the nation's largest platform for medical marijuana. Several other organizations like graduate research scholars from the London School of Economics, the CREA group, the University of Southern California and the University of Maryland were also in a partnership with Veriheal and assisted the survey. 

Reportedly, this survey was conducted between January 2020 and March 2021 and studied cannabis interest in people categorized according to age, sex, religion and demographics. In the past, most people shifted to CBD and cannabis mainly because of their chronic pain. However, the present statistics show that the pandemic has affected many people mentally and most of them are trying CBD to find relief from their psychological issues. 

If we take a deeper look, 55% of people are shifting to cannabis to reduce their stress levels, 29% to find relief from any underlying ailment, 7% to feel relaxed and focused throughout the day and 5% to feel sleepy. 

The numbers and the current reports are a clear sign that most people are desperate to lower their stress levels and feel happy again. Projections covering the demand from July 2020 to June 2021 states that the sales for cannabis have reached $24 billion, which was just $20 billion last year.