Are You Aware of The THC Level In Your CBD Product?

Are You Aware of The THC Level In Your CBD Product?

We have been to debates regarding determining the CBD and THC levels in cannabis products. While some groups argued that though people buy CBD products, they don't exactly know what's inside, others sought a way to measure the THC level in CBD products.

A recent study also suggests that consumers fail to evaluate the CBD level in the products they use.

Nearly 20% to 50% of consumers aren't aware of the THC and CBD proportions in their CBD products.

The lack of consumer awareness can be criticized when considering CBD's therapeutic use, safety, and efficacy and questions the credibility of self-reported explanation of cannabis in scientific studies.

In 2018, research carried out at the University of Waterloo in Ontario tried to measure people's understanding of THC and CBD levels in general cannabis products like herbal cannabis, edibles, vapes, and isolates.

Data for this research was collected over two months involving consumers in three jurisdictions - Canada, before the legalization of recreational cannabis; U.S. states where recreational cannabis was prohibited; and U.S. states where nonmedical cannabis was legalized.

The research findings showed that only 10% of consumers knew about the THC level in the products they used.

While the study did not have the evidence to prove this self-reported data's accuracy, it said that many consumers assumed their products had unreasonable amounts of THC (more than 30%) or CBD (more than 20%) levels.

The research also showed that confusion about measurement units was also prevalent. Dried cannabis users mentioned THC levels in milligrams (not in grams), and edible users knew cannabinoid levels in percentages (not in milligrams).

People in U.S. states where marijuana is legal were better able to identify THC and CBD levels as compared to consumers in states where cannabis has not been legalized.

Based on the research mentioned above and the rise of cannabis products in both recreational and medical markets, it could be said that more consumer education is required.

However, it has also been found that frequent CBD users knew THC and CBD levels in their products better than new users, suggesting consumer awareness could prove to be a game-changer for the cannabis industry.