Can CBD Fight COVID-19?

Can CBD Fight COVID-19?

CBD's therapeutic benefits are known to manage several lifestyle disorders, mental illnesses and chronic ailments. With an endless variety of products available in the market, people have started opting for CBD not only for managing their ailments but also to promote overall well-being. With its impressive healing properties, you might be wondering if CBD can help fight COVID-19?

COVID-19 is a contagious respiratory disease caused by an airborne virus and can leave you with symptoms like fever, fatigue, body aches and lower oxygen levels. While reports claim that the chances of the disease being fatal are pretty low, this pandemic has caused millions of death around the globe and has brought several economies to the brink of collapse. 

But what effects does CBD has on this disease? 
While there's no study showing that CBD could prevent this infection, cannabidiol is known to have anti-viral properties. In addition to this, the major reason why CBD could be useful against COVID-19 is that it shows anti-inflammatory properties. 
This could be quite beneficial, especially in people suffering from cytokine storm, an acute respiratory illness caused due to COVID-19. 

A cytokine storm is a medical term used to explain a condition where the body experiences an increase in proinflammatory cytokines. Cytokines are basically proteins and an increase in this category of proteins can lead to inflammation in the lung region. This could cause troubled breathing and respiratory distress. 
Moreover, in a severe case of COVID-19, these cytokine storms could evolve into lung fibrosis, a life-threatening lung condition that leaves you struggling for breath.  Here's when CBD comes to play. 

Several studies indicate that CBD can reduce multiple cytokines and inflammation, reducing the chances of fibrosis. CBD also reduces the two main cytokines (TNFa and IL-6), responsible for increased chances of fibrosis and inflammation. 
A 2020 study conducted on mice found that CBD's anti-inflammatory properties improved symptoms in mice, which were similar to COVID-19 symptoms in Humans. 

In addition to having anti-inflammatory properties and helping manage COVID-19 symptoms to an extent, CBD also provides the following benefits- 
•    It reduces levels of anxiety and mild depression.
•    It offers anti-pain properties. 
•    It comes with neuroprotective abilities. 
•    It prevents cognitive decline. 
•    It is used to manage severe epilepsy, psychosis and frequent seizures. 
•    It improves heart health. 
•    It also offers anti-tumor properties. 

While the best way to take CBD is through smoking, vaping or dabbing, it's advisable to avoid inhalation processes if a patient is suffering from COVID-19. 
Rather, they can try other ways to consume CBD like essential oils, CBD tinctures, creams, wax and even chocolates or CBD gummies. One can also try CBD bath bombs, bathing soaps and bath salts. 
However, make sure that the quantity is always administered. Start with smaller doses if you are new to CBD and always opt for organic products. 

Recent studies have clearly stated that CBD can help manage COVID-19 symptoms by reducing cytokine and decreasing the chances of lung fibrosis. CBD is also known to reduce inflammation caused in the lung tissues and assist with breathing.