CBD Alone Doesn't Impair Driving Ability: Study

CBD Alone Doesn't Impair Driving Ability: Study

Are you afraid that CBD consumption might lead to some side-effects, like impaired vision or fear of a road accident? Fair enough, as you might have read articles about cannabis increasing the risk of car accidents, but it's not the case with CBD. You can consume CBD without any worry, as it does not cause any psychotropic effect. 

According to a new study conducted by the University of Sydney - CBD usage before driving is safe. The University of Sydney conducted this experiment on 26 people, tested them driving on the highway. According to the research findings, CBD can aid pain, epilepsy, anxiety, or depression. Lambert Initiative had funded the research. 

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The study was conducted on 26 participants, including healthy men and women, on average, 23 years old. They made sure that the participants used cannabis less than twice a week in the last year but more than ten times in their lives.

They asked random participants to vape a placebo, cannabis that contained equal parts CBD and THC, and asked each of them to rate how high they felt. Researchers evaluated their levels of anxiety, sedation, confidence, and enjoyment of the drug effect on 10-point scales. A few of the participants vaped only CBD.

After 40 minutes of driving 60 mile-long public highway at 60 miles per hour, the participants' behaviors were recorded.

The study found those who vaped only CBD were driving more safely than participants who consumed a placebo. Consuming CBD alone seemed to have less impact on performance. So the research implies that you may not need to restrict yourself from driving after consuming your favorite CBD product.

The study size was small, along with the only young drivers. We may see different results while experimenting with it on a larger group of participants, including a more diverse age range.