CBD Brands Likely To Focus On Women-Centric Products In The Coming Years

CBD Brands Likely To Focus On Women-Centric Products In The Coming Years

According to the conclusion of a recent study conducted by an analytic firm, women are more likely to switch to CBD-infused products than their male counterparts. This has led to an analysis that in the coming years, most companies are expected to launch female-focused CBD products like cosmetics, healthcare and skin/hair care. 

If we look at the numbers, 57% of CBD users in America are women. This, perhaps, explains the sudden influx of CBD beauty products like CBD soaps, bath bombs, cosmetics, bathing salt, creams, face mask, body oil and face serums. 

After conducting several research and studies, the firm found out that this could be related to how CBD affects different sexes. While CBD is associated with no major side effects, reports do show that women do not experience much side effects than men. 

Why is that? 

Well, if we keep the working of the immune system aside, men tend to switch to highly potent CBD products like CBD vapes, CBD cigarettes etc. Women, on the other side, are mostly drawn to products like cosmetics, creams, soaps, face masks etc. 

And while the male market is usually focused on CBD inhalable or CBD oils, several companies are planning to launch new products that can cater to the different needs of women. 
PMS and menopausal symptoms are one of them. 

Moreover, the prediction of an increase in women-focused CBD products also comes from the fact that women are more likely to opt for herbal or organic products than men. 
This explains why the major section of the herbal world is women. 
Moreover, women are 141% more likely to purchase CBD-infused cosmetics. 

Men, on the other hand, tend to spend their dollars on supplements, vapes, drug stores etc. And, if we talk about the price, women are more likely to purchase expensive, high-end products if it promises to improve overall health. 

Another important factor that has led to a sudden increase in feminine-focused CBD products in the market is that most women switching to CBD are most likely due to feminine pain, mood swings and cramps associated with menstruation and menopause.