CBD Laws In Canada: What the Law Says About CBD And Where to Buy

CBD Laws In Canada: What the Law Says About CBD And Where to Buy

When it comes to CBD legality, its lovers often face difficulties! From buyers to sellers, all have to go through some struggle. The scenario in Canada is different. Canadians are allowed to grow Cannabis at their homes. Yes, it's true! Under federal laws, Citizens in Canada are allowed to grow up to four cannabis plants per residence for personal use with licensed seeds, which means that CBD is entirely legal in Canada. But it wasn't possible before 2018. Let's dive into Canada's struggle in legalizing CBD. 

Legalization and Regulation of Cannabis in Canada
The Cannabis Act in Canada came into force on Oct 17th, 2018. Now Cannabis is legal for both medical and recreational use, and you can get it without a doctor's prescription. The purpose behind creating the Cannabis Act was also to impose severe criminal penalties for those who sell or supply Cannabis to youth and force them into peddling.

Want to make and sell CBD in Canada?
If you want to produce or sell CBD in Canada, you may have to go through some strict regulations. You can cultivate Cannabis only after getting a license and the same goes with sellers; only authorized retailers can sell Cannabis in Canada.

How to purchase CBD in Canada?
As mentioned above, when we talk about CBD in Canada, the scenario is different. Here, the market is different from everywhere because the whole plant is legal and regulated. Suppose someone wants to operate CBD brands in Canada. In that case, they have to spend lots of money on legal fees because of the rigorous application process. It means the prices for CBD products are higher. Even if companies want to sell CBD, they have to go through a completely separate application process, which could be a tiresome task. We can blame the application process from the buyer's and seller's perspectives, but on the other hand, it makes the Canadian CBD industry much more reliable than other countries. So it would be better to shop for Canadian CBD products from any Canadian CBD marketplace.

Punishment for violating CBD law
You must be at least 19 years of age to purchase Cannabis products. You can't purchase more than 30 grams of dried Cannabis in public at a time. According to the Canadian government, possession over the 30-gram limit could lead to 5 years in prison.