CBD Oil Could Be Useful For Children With Autism

CBD Oil Could Be Useful For Children With Autism

CBD-infused products have become immensely famous, mainly because of their antioxidant, antibacterial and antibiotic properties. Recent reports show that CBD oil is great for managing autism- a complex disability that impairs social interaction. People suffering from this disease might also misinterpret non-verbal communications. 

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention claims that every 1 in 54 children has autism today. According to Annette Nunez, a licensed psychotherapist, early diagnosis plays an important role in treatment. She also said that adopting innovative ways in education can be helpful. 

A medicine specialist, Dr. Harrison Weed, stated that not all cases require medication. However, if the problem starts affecting the quality of life, medication might be necessary. 

While explaining CBD's medicinal properties, he said that CBD could help with seizures, anxiety and insomnia, which are some common symptoms of autism.

While there's no actual evidence that CBD helps with autism, several parents who were desperate to help their children opted for CBD and were happy with the results. This might be true because CBD regulates sleep, mood and appetite. Dr. Weed adds that the internet is full of testimonies claiming how CBD helped the patients manage their social anxiety. 
Moreover, though CBD comes from the same plant as marijuana, CBD products won't make you high. 

Studies also claim that CBD comes with no-to-low side effects. In fact, the most adverse effect CBD could have is making you feel a little dizzy. 
On the other hand, other medications for autism make the patient sleepy, reduce appetite and come with numerous withdrawal symptoms. 

However, experts claim that it is advisable to ask your doctor before trying CBD. Dr. Harrison Weed also warns that the brand must be trustworthy and 100% organic. It is also recommended that one must read the label properly.