CBD Products: Are You Getting A Good Deal?

CBD Products: Are You Getting A Good Deal?

Arguably the most popular cannabinoid on the planet right now is cannabidiol (CBD).

CBD’s popularity has grown so much in recent years that CBD is searched for more often on Google compared to THC, and that has been the case for a handful of years now.

The rise in popularity for CBD has grown alongside CBD’s availability in most countries. People can purchase CBD products like CBD oil almost anywhere, from gas stations to online platforms relatively unrestricted.

In almost every country that allows legal CBD sales, CBD is treated differently compared to THC, it isn't as regulated. While only two countries on earth allow sales of THC products for adult use, dozens of countries now allow CBD in one form or another.
Almost all CBD is derived from hemp as opposed to non-hemp cannabis, and it is easier to produce on a large scale compared to cannabis that is high in THC.
The abundance of global CBD supply is being infused into just about anything imaginable right now and many consumers are left wondering if the products they are purchasing are worth the money?

Not Enough CBD?

The study was conducted by a team of investigators at King’s College in London and examined the safety and effectiveness of commercially marketed CBD products that are commonly available over-the-counter.
The researchers found that the contents of the CBD products involved in the study were of “variable quality” and that the amount of CBD in the products was significantly below the doses used in controlled clinical trials.
“Although there is enormous consumer interest in CBD, there is little evidence that OTC preparations have significant pharmacological activity or provide health benefits. … [C]ontrolled trials of OTC preparations are needed to address this issue. There is also a need for more accurate labelling and advertising of OTC CBD products,” the researchers concluded.

Buyers Beware

Always make sure the CBD products you're buying have sufficient CBD levels, and that the CBD was sourced from quality hemp, and that the labeling is accurate. The easiest way to ensure this is to only buy CBD from reputable companies.