CBD Vending Machine That Allows You To Buy CBD Products with Bitcoin

CBD Vending Machine That Allows You To Buy CBD Products with Bitcoin

In the Miami suburb of Doral, Florida, purchasing your favorite CBD product is just a touch away. Through a futuristic vending machine, CBD and hemp products will be automatically dispensed into the hands of buyers.

The vending machine- The Wellness Pantry is designed and developed by Cultiva, a cannabis tech company. The pantry allows buyers to download a free app on their phone and purchase CBD products remotely through bitcoin.

This machine is exactly like the pick-up machines for chips and soda. According to the CEO of Cultiva, the machine comes with features like monitoring, operation and touchless mode of payment. The machine also uses blockchain technology to accept payments and verify the age of the buyer.

With The Wellness Pantry, buyers can purchase CBD while sitting at their home, something which was not possible with marijuana vending machines. Daniel Torres, the founder and CEO of Cultiva, said, "We're giving whole communities access to quality products in a fun, interactive, safe and simple experience."

The first vending machine by this company was installed inside a complex owned by NFC Amenity Management. However, Cultiva's Wellness Pantry is not the first marijuana and cannabis vending machine in the US.

Green-stop machine and Anna Vending Machine made their debut last year.

Traditionally, all the cannabis vending machines were installed inside a licensed cannabis store that allowed the seller to keep check of all the sales. However, Cultiva's innovation will allow buyers to purchase CBD products outside the cannabis stores with just one touch, saving a lot of money and time. It would also allow people living in suburban areas to get their hands on CBD.

However, this technology will be facing a number of challenges. Earlier, the seller was able to keep in check the number of sales. The machine's point-of-sale system is yet to be checked.