Colorado Announces New Regulations For Hemp-Infused Products

Colorado Announces New Regulations For Hemp-Infused Products

With the federal legalization of CBD being adopted in most of the states, new regulations are being drafted to make sure the products are safe for consumption.

In Colorado, a low THC level in a CBD-infused product is no longer the only requirement to make the product legal state-wide. Colorado's hemp authorities have come up with a new set of regulations that could trigger a new wave of rules in the entire country.

Earlier, the state authorities allowed CBD to be added into edibles and beverages and the only condition to make the product legal in the state was that the product must have less than 0.3% THC. However, according to recent reports, Colorado's state authorities now require all CBD products to be tested for a long list of pesticides, molds and chemicals.

The rules also require the companies to mention the level of THC in the product (in milligrams). Prior to these regulations, the product labeled usually stated "Low in THC". However, according to the new set of guidelines, the label must also mention the milligram content of THC that particular product is infused with.

These regulations will be reinstated from October 1st. Meaning, Colorado's state authorities would require the product to be tested for 106 pesticides and be labeled with the exact content of THC (which must be less than 0.3%) to be legal across the state.

In addition to these regulations, the state will also require all hemp-containing products to be tested by a state-approved lab.

This will, reportedly, impose some difficulties as the state only has one approved lab in Denver.

The spokeswoman for the Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environment, Gabi Johnston, said, "Colorado's changes are "designed to align our labeling requirements with federal food and dietary supplement label requirements."

While the state officials have not yet announced product testing procedures, the new strategies will make sure that nothing but the safest type of CBD reaches the masses.