Epilepsy Patients who consume CBD live a Better Quality of Life- Report

Epilepsy Patients who consume CBD live a Better Quality of Life- Report

According to a study published in the peer-reviewed journal Epilepsy & Behavior, epilepsy patients who consume nonprescribed CBD might have a higher quality of life than patients who do not consume CBD.


The study also concluded that the patients who take CBD with their epilepsy medications have a higher tolerance. Meaning they do not showcase any side effects of this medication. They are also able to manage other symptoms like anxiety, nightmares, restless thoughts and hyperventilation.


While the study portrayed some positive sides of CBD, there was not much evidence that CBD helped decrease seizures. However, both groups, who took medicine with CBD and without CBD, displayed decreased seizures.


The report states, "These findings further emphasize the need for controlled research to determine optimal CBD product types, doses, and concomitant use of other medications that maximize possible clinical benefit while minimizing potential risks."


The study's primary aim was to study "artisanal CBD" as an alternative for prescription drug Epidiolex. The use of CBD to treat certain types of epilepsy was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2018.


The report says, "Pharmaceutical CBD is currently a restricted prescription medication, and insurance coverage is often limited to only those patients with the specifically approved indications. As a result, a large number of patients with epilepsy elect to use alternative CBD products sold widely as dietary supplements by commercial vendors."


 Realm of Caring, a nonprofit organization sponsored by companies who sell CBD products, funded this research. The study was in collaboration with the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.


The research was conducted on 280 epilepsy patients who used CBD with their medications and 138 patients who didn't consume CBD. 93% of the participants reported epilepsy as their major condition. 7% suffered from epilepsy as a symptom of other major illnesses like cancer, sleep disorder or autoimmune disorders.


Participants who used CBD reported a better quality of life, reduced anxiety levels, higher tolerance to medications and reduced healthcare utilization.


SOURCE- Marijuana Moment