Fulfill Your Cold Sugar Cravings With CBD Ice Cream!

Fulfill Your Cold Sugar Cravings With CBD Ice Cream!

Here's an exceptional flavor for all the ice-cream lovers to try, and top of that, if you are a CBD lover, then it would be the cherry on the cake for you. We have heard about every possible way to consume CBD. Now be ready to amaze yourself with CBD flavored ice-cream.

Let's see what's in there for you. 


Founded by Jesse Bride and Enrique Gonzalez, the Mellow Ice-Cream has launched the new CBD flavored ice-cream in the California cannabis market. To serve consumers with top-quality CBD ice-creams, the company has onboarded the best chemists, food scientists, and chefs.

According to the company's heads, this cannabinoid edible dessert isn't a new concept. Still, it will be the first dessert in California's competitive recreational market that fully complies with state laws.


There's a saying, "If you carry joy in your heart, you can heal any moment." Carrying joy in painful moments can be difficult, says the company's founders, out of their experience.

Who says people run out of ideas in misery? Mellow Ice-cream is the paragon of this phrase. After witnessing their loved ones battling cancer, the founders came up with the idea of launching a CBD infused ice-cream.

During their tough times, they weren't shattered but motivated to create a source of relief for others.

According to Enrique, One of the founders said that one of his family members who'd passed away couldn't smoke or ingest cannabis oils because of nausea. 

Finally, they decided to create ice-cream that will be a safe and enjoyable alternative to natural cannabis pain relief and healing.

Also, Bride and Gonzalez's interest in the cannabis industry played a role in creating this flavor.


Be ready to give yourself a sweet treat with its three exciting flavors like Mint chocolate chip, Himalayan sea salt and caramel, and Tahitian vanilla peanut butter cup.


You can order your delicious CBD Mellow ice-cream online, and it will soon be available for purchase in dispensaries in early 2021.

In case you live in Los Angeles, you can get the ice-cream delivered at your doorstep. You will receive it via an electric-powered Tesla with a freezer in the trunk. 

The founders are planning to expand this business to the rest of California soon.

You can get the THC ice cream at $27.95 a pint and the CBD ice-cream for $22.95 per pint. 

So be ready to fulfill your cold sugar cravings with CBD ice cream.