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paul taylorPAUL TAYLOR

Founder, CBDOils.com

Paul Taylor worked in real estate before turning his talents towards the internet. He has spent the last 15 years in the domain development and investment space, building out valuable niche sites across a variety of interests. As the owner of the previous iteration of VA.org, Paul has been an enthusiastic partner in building out a more robust, helpful, and potentially world-changing project in the digital space. He holds BA from Claremont McKenna College and an MBA from the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Business.

  • Former securities and real estate broker.
  • 10+ years technology development experience in for-profit and non-profit industries.
  • 25+ years experience in diverse investment strategies and portfolios.
  • Politically-oriented humanitarian striving for national and global reform to empower underserved populations.

richard ojedaRICHARD OJEDA

Co-Founder, CBDOils.com

I support CBD because I have a daughter that was born with scoliosis and hip impingement syndrome.  After the surgery on her spine we were told that she would always be susceptible to opioid addiction because of the pain should would find herself in throughout life.  We chose CBD!  CBD has been a blessing to our daughter and my family because it has allowed my daughter get through the tough times without having to rely on opioids.  For my family and I, we find CBD to be a Gift from God.”

Richard Ojeda was born in Rochester, Minnesota in 1970. In 1989 he enlisted in the United States Army where he served as an engineer with service in Germany as well as Fort Bragg, NC. In 1993 Richard received a Green to Gold scholarship in order to attend college to become an officer. Upon completion of his degree from West Virginia State University, he returned to the US Army and served until retirement on January 1, 2014. During his military career, Richard was deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom three times and once to Operation Enduring Freedom-Afghanistan once. He was also deployed to Haiti immediately following the devastating earthquake that took over 250,000 lives leaving over one million homeless and in desperate need of food, water, and medical attention. Richard Ojeda is a master parachutist and has earned two bronze stars, the Sapper tab, the Air Assault Wings and the Combat Action Badge. Following his military service, Richard established a JROTC program in Logan, West Virginia and became a state senator for the 7th Senatorial District. In 2017, Senator Ojeda sponsored SB386 which made West Virginia the 29th state to become legal for medical cannabis and the following year he led the fight on the Senate floor for the teacher’s strike. Richard Ojeda ran for Congress in the 2018 midterms and became No#1 across the country in Congressional races turning Red voters back to Blue in the reddest district in the United States of America. In 2019, Richard threw his hat in the ring and ran for the Presidency of the United States of America. However, he had to suspend his race a few months in over a lack of media coverage.


Co-Founder & Business Head, CBDOils.com

Rishav has 12+ years of experience in Internet and technology-based start-ups across different verticals – operations, project management, product management, branding, digital marketing, and website management. Rishav successfully led to the set-up of four start-ups to a sustained growth phase with his dynamic operational leadership and strategic support in uniquely challenging situations. He has experience of working across various sectors in diversified roles – Lead Generation, Real Estate, Cannabis – CBD, Non – Profit, Education, Travel, e-commerce, Jewellery & FMCG. He is a thought leader and an expert in digital marketing. He has more than six years of experience in SEO, PPC, Social media marketing and Advertisements, managing campaigns to enable lead generation and high conversion.


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