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CBD Pain Sticks & CBD Patches For Pain

You may have tried CBD Oil, CBD Creams, CBD Gummies, but have you ever tried CBD Pain Sticks? No. Well, here’s an equally amazing and beneficial new concept for you then. CBD Pain Sticks are extremely handy and can be used with no sweat!

At, we proudly introduce you to the incredible POLARx™ Patch by Green Garden Gold. Its a highly effective pain-relieving patch. Each pack contains topical CBD Patches for pain, consisting of 4% Lidocaine and hemp-extracted CBD.

This new and powerful 48 hour time-release patch has been formulated by the most experienced chemists to target those muscles, joints directly, and relax backaches and strains with 240mg of CBD. Try GGG- PolarX™ CBD Patch + 4% Lidocaine!

Our CBD Muscle & Joint Pain Relief stick is a fast-acting pain relief stick that immediately relieves you from muscle and joint pain. If you suffer from arthritis, workout, or are simply feeling the aches and pains due to aging, this stick is ready to come to your rescue.

Don’t let stiffness, joint pain, and muscle fatigue spoil your day! Muscle soreness from aging and past injuries should never be an obstacle in your way to enjoying a happy life. Our CBD Pain Sticks and CBD patches are developed in America by a licensed pharmacist with years of experience and contains 240mg of CBD.

This wonderful product is a CBD topical roll-on stick, which means that it is applied directly to the skin. When using this CBD pain relief rub, all you’ve got to do is rub a small portion onto the sore area, and the cream will get to work.

– Made from NON-GMO, PESTICIDE FREE, CO2 Extracted Industrial Hemp Oil.

– Zero THC

– Non-Addictive

– All Natural Ingredients

– Sweat Resistant

– Doctor Recommended

Shop now at for premium CBD Pain Sticks, and CBD Patches for Pain.

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