SOL CBD capsules

Activate, balance and protect your mind and body with SOL CBD's cannabidiol-infused capsules. Providing a precise dose of 15 mg/capsule, these easy-to-swallow vegetable-based capsules are perfect to reap the potential benefits of CBD. 


In addition to balancing your mind by helping you manage anxiety and depression, the capsules are also a great way to make up for the nutrient deficit in your body. 


The CBD in these capsules is extracted through the CO2 extraction method, eliminating all the chemicals from the compound. Infused with full-spectrum CBD, terpenes, flavonoids and less than 0.3% THC, these capsules help in the following ways-

  • They support the immune system.

  • They protect the body.

  • They reduce inflammation.

  • They regulate sleeping patterns. 

  • They help you manage mental conditions like anxiety, depression, psychosis etc. 

  • They optimize brain health. 

The capsules are 100% organic, easy to use, portable, convenient and pre-measured. They are made only with US-grown hemp, grown in the sun-kissed organic valleys. 

The capsules by SOL CBD are tested for purity and comes with a COA.