Will 2021 Witness The Legalization of CBD In Australia?

Will 2021 Witness The Legalization of CBD In Australia?

"Water-Water Everywhere, Not A Drop To Drink." Yes, this idiom fits perfectly with the CBD lovers in Australia. On Feb 1st, 2021, CBD products' purchase was legalized in Australia after the Therapeutic Goods Administration down-scheduled the CBD from a Schedule 4 to Schedule 3 substance. 

Earlier, Australians could not purchase CBD without a prescription. Now they can get it from the pharmacist without a doctor's prescription. The product will only be available to adults in doses of no more than 150 milligrams per day.

The decision came after a safety review conducted by TGA. The results showed ''known adverse effects of CBD at low doses were not serious".

Australia is Getting Over-the-Counter CBD in 2021…But Not Much?
Here's a twist, Australians can have CBD, but not a single drop is available. Why?

CBD has got a green signal from TGA, but the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods hasn't approved the sale of CBD products yet. Without the permission of ARTG, nobody can manufacture or procure CBD.

The ARTG has approved only one form of CBD, Epidyolex, for use in Australia. It is approved to treat severe childhood epilepsy.

In a conversation with The Guardian, Prof Iain McGregor, psychopharmacologist, stated that CBD has the approval. Still, CBD manufacturers will have to prove CBD products' positive effects if they want to sell CBD in the market. 

While the TGA has approved the daily dose of 150mg, there are no fair clinical trials that show consumption of 150mg CBD is safe. 

The ''Surprised'' Australian Medical Association
The Australian Medical Association is not favoring the TGA'S decision.
According to AMA's statement to Hack, they aren't confident about pharmacists' education to advise patients regarding CBD usage. 

There are possibilities that the compound's side-effects could go unchecked. If the CBD oil is sold through pharmacies, the patients may suffer from its side-effects as doctors won't monitor them correctly, AMA added.

According to the CEO of Cannatrek, Tommy Huppert, an Australian cannabis grower and manufacturer, there was no proper research conducted in the last 70 years of CBD prohibition.

Benefits of CBD
CBD– extracted from cannabis – is used to treat several health conditions, including pain, insomnia, and anxiety. 

CBD is a non-psychoactive compound. It is believed to be one of the most suitable natural remedies for illnesses based on its medicinal properties.